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Technology victories for ambitious leaders

Technology was supposed to give us leverage.

Instead, it tangles us in complexity and incomplete solutions.

But the impact you crave is closer than you think.

Let’s get the future on your side.


Support on a strange frontier

No binders, no booklets, no slideshows. No one gets laid off.

Instead, find your impact multiplied, jumping ahead of the curve so you can meet your goals.


Prototypes: Hardware + software

When it comes to technology, it’s essential to try it before you buy it.

This applies even when you’re building a solution from scratch. Before committing time, budget and resources to a new project, let’s do some prototyping so you can ensure the solution you imagine really delivers. Prototyping is a blast: it lets you understand and de-risk early, while giving you the confidence that your vision can work. From basic software to hardware and 3D printing, Futureproof offers full-service functional prototyping and early product concepting.

Web modernization + vendor transitions

Change can be scary, but sometimes we have to move on.

Get the guidance and hands-on support you need so you can make a change without breaking your existing commitments or losing your focus. Ensure you have great performance and direct control of the tech that’s most essential to your daily work.

Project turnarounds

Sometimes things don’t go as we plan.

If you’ve got technology mess on your hands, don’t despair: everything that ever worked had moments where it didn’t. Let’s get things back on track, so you can meet the goals that kicked off the project. I’ve seen loads of mess in my career. Yours won’t scare me.


Leadership coaching + learning

Technology touches everything, with dramatic impact on decisions and budget.

Learn how to get more from your time and money by applying existing, boring, reliable technologies. Learn how the strange and cutting edge will shape things down the road. Get independently tailored technical coaching so you can get the results you need.

Proposal and quote vetting

It can be hard to make sense of a technology proposal.

You don’t have to do it alone. Get a clear picture of where your budget is going, how complete the solution is, and reveal long-term costs and complications. You can have a technology proposal independently vetted so you can be sure of your investment.

System ideation + feasibility

Before you commit to an implementation, explore all your options.

Let’s work through your overall goals, constraints and budget to figure out the best solutions for your needs. Save yourself time, money and energy by pursuing multiple options on paper, so you can find and prevent money pits and dead ends before they find you.

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Vision, Insight, Values

Your fixer from the future


I’m Danilo Campos. At the age of 19, I taught myself to code, selling my first piece of software online.

It changed everything, opening the doors to impact and economic possibility no one in my family had ever seen before.

I learned my way into the mobile computing revolution, carrying me to Silicon Valley. I’ve led teams at multiple startups, taking products from zero to one. In partnership with the White House, I taught computing and the internet to students in under-served communities across the US.

I’ve seen the innovation economy up close, dissected it in detail, and amassed a portfolio of skills spanning project management, product design, software engineering, and 21st century communication strategy.

Along the way, it hit me:

The power of tomorrow takes far too long to reach the leaders and teams who can use it to make change today.

I’m here to fix that. I’m here to make sure you can draw your vision into reality, managing all the technical obstacles that come up along the way.

Let’s dig you out of the doom loop that traps you in essential but non-scalable work, into the accelerating returns only a sound technology strategy can provide.

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Proven Impact


Danilo has brought much needed energy and technical insight to our business in a short period of time. He got up to speed quickly and was able to cut through to the core issues and underlying challenges we're facing. I've been able to count on him not just to understand our key obstacles, but also to follow through with realistic strategy and thoughtful execution. It's not easy to find someone with a combination of breadth of experience and wisdom to use it in a way that truly understands the audience. This is a kind of backup I didn't know was out there, and I'm so glad to have it.

Rob Adams, COO, Solaflect Energy

Danilo fundamentally changed our approach to technology. When he began working with us, we were highly dependent on our tech provider, at high cost. After he redesigned our software and tools, we’re now nearly self-sufficient. We make most updates ourselves and rely on others only for specific, occasional needs. He created a design that’s modular, faster, and more reliable. We’ve redirected more than half a million dollars in cost savings to work that directly supports our mission in the years since he rebuilt our systems.

Norma Fernandez, CEO, EveryoneOn